How to Write a Blog: 10 Ways to Generate Blog Post Ideas

How to Write a Blog with Great Ideas for Blog Posts

Do you shudder at the thought of writing a blog post for your business? You’re not alone. Like many business owners, you’re focused on your business, not on how to write a blog and creating content. Don’t let the anxiety of writing for your business website get to you when you use these ten ways to generate blog post ideas.

  1. Answer questions clients and prospects are asking you. Rather than repeating yourself over and over, write blog posts about the topics. Share the blog post on social media. The next time someone asks a question, answer them, but also refer them to your blog post.
  2. Responses you give frequently via email. If you find yourself answering the same questions over and over, it’s time to blog your responses!
  3. Community involvement. This is especially effective if you’re a locally based business like a home service provider (landscaper, plumber, pool service) or real estate agent.
  4. Client testimonials or case studies. Telling stories is an effective way to sell prospects on your service or product without shoving a sales pitch down their throat. How we helped Suzie and Tim buy their first home is better than We help First Time Homebuyers. It’s a softer (and more effective) delivery of the same message.
  5. News about your company. A new website, product, or service, receipt of an award or community recognition are all newsworthy items.
  6. Address questions or comments from social media. I recently posted an article about ideas for blog posts. One of my contacts added that blog posts should be in line with the overall marketing strategy of the company. So noted. Now I have another blog post idea – how to create a blog strategy that aligns with your brand. (This is also why it’s a good idea to monitor your social presence. Even if you hired someone else to handle your social media, you should keep a pulse on what your community is asking.)
  7. Tell the truths about common myths related to your industry. Myth: Plumbers don’t pull their pants up. Truth: We require our plumbers to tuck their shirts in and wear a belt. You won’t see more than you need when our plumbers come to your home.
  8. Offer tips and how-tos. It might feel like you’re giving away free information, but you’re actually creating a need for your product or service. A web design company could write tips for creating your own website. You might try to build a website and (more than likely) will find it to be a bigger task than you thought. You’re going to call the company that established themselves as the expert and wrote about designing their own website.
  9. History of your company or industry. Give readers a sense of the significance of your business or industry by sharing how your company or industry was started. This is especially effective if you’re a locally based and/or family owned business.
  10. Comment on stories in the news. Give your opinion or take a different spin on a news story related to your business. If you’re feeling creative, take a topic unrelated to your business or industry and make it about your industry – Make Your Business Better than Deflategate.

Take one topic and develop blog post ideas around it. Here’s what I mean.

I took an un-sexy plumbing business and created these blog posts around the idea of toilets. It’s a topic which plumbers know A LOT about and that we, as consumers, have a lot of questions about:

  1. Tips for proper toilet maintenancehow to write a blog
  2. Why you need to look for leaks around your toilet
  3. DIY repair for your toilet
  4. When to call a professional plumber
  5. History of toilets
  6. Little known facts about the toilet
  7. What to do when your child flushes a toy down the toilet (this could be a customer testimonial or case study)
  8. How a toilet works
  9. When is it time to replace your toilet?
  10. Preparing your toilet for holiday guests

Your business blog should answer common questions people ask about your business, provide news, and offer tips to readers. Take one topic or service and create multiple blog post ideas using the tips offered here.

If you’re still overwhelmed about how to write a blog for business, contact the team at 910 West and find out how they can help.

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