If you had asked me a year ago about starting an email newsletter, I would have said, “No way!” At the time, it seemed to me to be a dying medium. Boy, was I wrong.

At the insistence of a very smart business coach, Larry Goldsmith, I re-launched my e-newsletter earlier this year. After sending the very first edition, I was contacted by a client for a new job. Definitely better than I had imagined and the success has continued throughout the year.

The best example happened just a couple of weeks ago. I sent out an invitation to the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce’s Grow Your Business Conference and Expo, hoping to draw in a few of my existing clients and fill my scheduled speaking presentation.

Fast forward to the morning of the expo, where I am manning my booth. A very pleasant woman comes up and starts chatting with me. She mentions that she works at a local medical office as the marketing manager. I mention that I was friendly with the person who worked there before her. She says to me, “I know. I still get your newsletter and really like it. It’s the reason that I came here this morning.” (Forgive me for paraphrasing a bit—I don’t remember the exact words.)

What a crazy lesson—the tool that I thought was useless is not only connecting me with people I already know, but putting me in touch with someone I may not have ever met otherwise. Wow!

If you are struggling to meet your business goals and looking at 2013 and wondering how you are going to draw in the business that you want, then look no further than an email newsletter. It is not only a powerful tool, but also relevant and cost effective. In fact, the 910 West team will be working with many (if not all) of our clients to use email newsletters in the coming year. And don’t forget, we can help you too!