Small business and money mindset

money relationship and Diana ElardeHow is your money relationship?

One of the biggest struggles in our society is how we think about money and finances. Our underlying attitudes cause tension between partners, family members, and friends and affect the success of both large and small businesses. Instead of focusing on what we want with our finances, we’re stuck in a negative system of beliefs that continually highlight what we don’t want or what we believe we can’t achieve.

For most of us, this is nothing new. We’ve lived our lives focusing on our money problems rather than our successes. Our money relationship is negative. However, if we want to stop letting these thoughts control our lives, we must first work on changing our unconscious belief systems.

This change starts with us working to silence the negative messages in our brains that are sabotaging the goals we’re working to achieve. For some people, this is easy, for others, it’s difficult; but change is necessary to grow and usually our biggest obstacles are ourselves.

Using an innovative process of PSYCH-K, Diana helps her clients work through and identify their unconscious beliefs and areas where they lack confidence. After bringing these to a conscious level, she helps clients formulate a plan to replace the unwanted belief with a belief system that they do want, and then enforces it through what she calls whole-brain postures.

Diana Elarde is a psychology professor and writer with a background in sales management and the owner and operator of Emerging Insights. She works to help individuals connect with and thrive in their human experience by welcoming and encouraging change. Her goal is to continue to help her clients find the inspiration necessary to broaden their attitudes and expand their belief systems, in all realms of life. In this episode, we’ll hear Diana talk about how to reassess your priorities around money, saving, and spending.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • The importance of understanding the difference between what we want and what we don’t want financially.
  • Why business owners should focus on showing their employees how much they’re valued in a company and share success with them.
  • How to overcome the unconscious belief systems that we have about our money relationship and/or financial doubts and where to go to get some extra help.

Key Quotes

  • “We tell ourselves on a constant basis: this is what I don’t want, but we need to make it clear what we do want.” – Diana Elarde
  • “40% of women across the country believe that they don’t make enough money to save.” – Diana Elarde
  • “The bottom line for me is really helping people to stay present and out of fear, in everything I do.” – Diana Elarde
  • “We do have choices and we wonder why society and people seem to get angry so fast… we’ve elevated our levels of stress. If we could calm that down, calm down the brain, to a more peaceful place, then all of us will be better problem solvers, will lead a happier life, and more important, have a lot more peace in our lives.” – Diana Elarde

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