You, Ideal Client

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910 West is most successful working with an established company: three or more years old with between two and twenty-five employees. We represent a variety of industries, specializing in businesses targeting health and wellness or home and family.

Our Ideal Clients:

  • Value relationships.
    By building a relationship, we get to know you and your business inside out. That means we truly understand your goals and make them our own.
  • Understand the importance of involvement and expert guidance.
    To achieve the greatest success, you need to be involved in the marketing process. But you also need experience, guidance, and accountability. That is what 910 West provides.
  • Appreciate a strategic marketing partner.
    While freelancers have their place, we believe that the greatest success in business comes from having a cohesive, measurable plan. To create that plan, you need a marketing partner, not just a hired gun.

Are You Ideal?

You might need our services if you’re also thinking . . .

“I’m working with someone, but…I don’t know what they are doing,” or “…I’d rather work with someone locally.”

We work for you and beside you. Unlike the competition, 910 West includes you in the process so you know exactly what we do for you and your business.

“My brother’s neighbor’s cousin’s roommate built my website and it’s not working for me anymore.”

As your business grows, so should your website. We know what works, whether we are building a site from scratch or making over an existing website.

“I know I need to do social media. There are so many choices. How do I know which is best for my business?”

Choosing a social media platform is easy if you know whom you want to attract. Our strategic marketing process identifies your ideal client and the best ways to reach them.

If you’re a fit, request a free Online Marketing Report Card to see how 910 West can help you.