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Kitty Carlisle

Content Manager

Kitty Carlisle doesn’t recall a time when she wasn’t writing. In fact, her business tagline is “Born with a Pencil in My Hand.” In her own words:

I’ve written short stories and poems since I was in elementary school. My degrees are in management, communication and English, and I have a Professional Writing Certificate. After working many years in other business roles, I started my career as a writer and editor when my two youngest children were teenagers. Currently, I write or edit for clients, with editing being my particular favorite.

Having always wanted to be a published author, I am currently writing a novel about a serial killer, though I’ve also had numerous articles published and was the ghostwriter for a children’s book. I am also a copy editor for a publishing company and enjoy cooking, baking, crafting, and camping, as well as strengthening my community through volunteer work.