With Great Power…

There is no argument; social media is a powerful tool in online marketing. When done correctly, it showcases expertise, increases brand awareness, drives traffic to your website, and encourages communication.

Is Your Business a Social Media Hero or Zero?

The Average Person Spend 37 Minutes a Day on Social Media

Relationships drive social media. Small business also thrives on relationships. The way we see it, small businesses are uniquely positioned to be successful on social media marketing. You already have a relationship with your customers and clients. Social media helps you continue to engage and connect with them online.

The flip side, it’s also easy for small businesses to fall into the two traps of social media marketing: lack of focus and unrealistic expectations. Social media is not sales media. It is a necessary part of your marketing and sales nurture strategy—after email marketing, it’s the best way to stay in touch with prospects and customers.

Integrated Social Media is What We Do

Your social media marketing should be entertaining, informative and engaging. It should not be used solely to push your products/services or talk about how wonderful you are. As a result, social media is most effective when part of a larger marketing plan.

For 910 West, social media marketing is not a stand-alone service. It’s only effective when paired with your larger marketing efforts (specifically online marketing) and aligned with your company philosophy. Our social media process complements everything that we do with your businesses listings, website and email marketing efforts; it doesn’t replace them.

Social Media Marketing Process

Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Pinterest?…How Do You Choose?

Yes, there are hundreds of social media sites. No, you do not need to be on every one. Not even on the top five. For small businesses, we believe that less is more in social media. When you have a clearly defined target market, choosing a platform is easy.

Social media sites are more different than they are alike. Each attracts a different audience with different goals. Focus your efforts on the sites that engage your ideal client in the conversations that drive sales in your business. Being awesome on one social media site works far better than being good on every site.

Social Media Marketing the Bottom Line

Utilizing social media as part of a marketing plan for your small business is a cost effective and highly efficient way to let people know what you do, how you do it, when you do it, where you do it, and how much you do it for. Establishing and maintaining your message on multiple social media platforms, though, can easily pull you away from doing what you do best: running your business. Let our team do what we do best and manage your social media to effectively disseminate what it is you want current and future clients to know. 910 West can help.