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It’s a Match:
Attracting Your Ideal Client

Knowing your perfect client is key to successful small business marketing. This workshop helps you to identify and describe your perfect client so you can tailor your marketing efforts to them.

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We know… another webinar. Why should you take time out of your busy day for this webinar? In business, it’s a must to spend time on the big picture. And knowing your ideal client is one of those big picture items that are essential to a thriving small business. You may be doing pretty well already—this webinar isn’t for everyone and it may not be right for you. You should attend if your business is doing pretty well but:

  • You’re not getting the type of work that you want. Work in your zone of genius by attracting the clients who match your strengths.

  • You’ve tried a lot of marketing stuff and nothing seems to work. Most marketing efforts fail because they’re not targeted at the right people.

  • You’re getting lots of referrals…that never work out. You have to tell people exactly who you want to meet to get the right referrals.

What Can I Expect?

Join us for our FREE signature workshop and spend valuable time working on your business! In this webinar, you’ll get to know your ideal client with exercises designed to help you:

  • Identify the best within your existing client base. That’s right, you already have ideal clients, you just don’t know who they are.
  • Discuss what makes them ideal. It’s not always the size of the invoice that makes a client great.
  • Describe your perfect client in detail. If I can’t visualize who you want to meet, how can I introduce you?