73% Lose Trust When Business Listings are InaccurateBecause Reputation Matters

Your reputation online is as important as what is said about you around the water cooler. Word of mouth marketing isn’t new though business listings add a new twist, extending the reach to a much wider audience.

How Are You Managing Your Online Reputation?

Is your online presence attracting the right type of prospects? Are you monitoring and responding to customer feedback?

Local business listings are not only one of the most affordable and accessible ways to attract new leads, they provide a key advantage in online marketing for most small businesses. Search engines (like Google) are already sorting results based on location and proximity giving small businesses an advantage over larger chain competitors. Don’t miss an opportunity (or lose a prospect) to poorly managed business listings.

Keeping business listings updated and accurate can be overwhelming. (Just ask our listings expert, Kitty Carlisle. She deals with them every day.)

Managing Local Business Listings is What We Do

Because we do it on a daily basis, we have reputation management down to a science. Our process coupled with our experience allows us to efficiently and affordably maintain your online listings and reviews.

Business Listings Process

Don’t Worry, You Own It

Many listings services and online marketing agencies use automated systems that hold your account information hostage or make it difficult to transfer. We manually claim each listing collecting the usernames and passwords for your records. The logins are given to you ensuring that you have total control of your online presence.

How do your business listing measure up? Request your FREE listings audit to find out.

What Are Local Business Listings?

The modern phone book, local business listings are lists of businesses offered by Google, Yahoo and Bing (search engines); Yelp and CitySearch (websites); or YellowPages and Yellow Book (digital directories). Most offer a free option though they will try to solicit a paid, upgraded business listing. The features of free listings and process for adding or claiming your business vary widely. Business listings sites number in the thousands so we recommend focusing on the top sites to start.

If your business has gone through any of these changes recently, it is necessary for you to review and update listings:

  • Change or addition of locations
  • Change of business name
  • New product or service
  • New or updated phone number

Even if nothing has changed, local business listing information will be incorrectly updated or duplicated requiring ongoing monitoring.

72% Trust Online Reviews Like Personal Recommendations

A Word About Reviews

Business listings need more attention than just being kept up-to-date. To improve or maintain your listing’s visibility, you need a steady stream of (ideally positive) customer reviews. Reviews also help new prospects to choose your business over the competition. Research shows that improving your rating by one-star difference can result in a 9% increase in revenue. The higher your rating the more confidence a consumer has in choosing your company.

The only way to get reviews is to ask. If you don’t already have a system for soliciting business reviews, 910 West can help. We have several options for requesting, monitoring and responding to reviews. (Read our Business Reviews Services Round-up for recommendations.)

You need reviews need to build and maintain a Five Star Reputation.

Business Listings and Reviews the Bottom Line

Information about your business can be changed online without your knowledge or approval. Good or bad, customers are leaving feedback and writing reviews. To attract new leads and grow your business, you need to be actively managing your online reputation. 910 West can help.

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