Email Marketing for Small Business: The Best Investment You Can Make

The power of email marketing for small business is underestimated nowadays. A recent study shows that 77% of consumers prefer emails for marketing communication. The fact is, email marketing provides you with three times more conversions than social media. Moreover, 91% of all US consumers use emails every day. By the end of 2017, 2.282

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Conquer Writer’s Block: 9 Blog Post Ideas Guaranteed to Help You Create Killer Content

The secret to creating killer content is in the preparation. Create a library of blog posts ideas and you'll never be at a loss for what to write. Or be left staring at a blank page again!

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Forget Target Market: Criteria for an Ideal Client Profile

Let’s make this easy. You don’t need a target market. Because you’re right, when looking at the usual approach, it’s not relevant to small businesses. The process is too complicated to fit our busy schedules and provides a result we don’t need. You NEED ideal clients. What’s the difference between a target market and ideal client? It’s subtle but epic. Target market focuses on a group, a set of demographics, numbers of a page. Ideal client focuses on people. The ability to create relationships with customers is a small businesses’ number one advantage. Our businesses are run by real people serving real people. And we’re able to do it far better than any large company.

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I’m a Goal Digger, Are You?

Last year was big for me. I mean milestone birthday big. And of course, I celebrated in style—we traveled, got tattoos, and ate a lot of cake, but the thing I remember most is the present my friend Constance gave me. Looking back, I can say that on top of everything else, last year was the first year I felt truly successful in my small business. After years of relentless work, I finally smashed through several seemingly impossible barriers. For the first time ever, I made more than I had hoped, doubled monthly billings and wrote myself a decent-sized paycheck on a regular basis. I feel amazing and optimistic for this next year

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Three Easy Ways to Say “Thank You!”

You’ve probably heard the buzz about marketing automation and for good reason. Automating communications increases your productivity and decreases response time. Despite the temptation, there’s one aspect that you simply can’t (nor should you) automate—a personal relationship. Having a personal relationship (and yes that means talking in person from time to time) can mean the

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Event Marketing Follow-up Tips

You are at a busy business expo that’s teeming with prospective clients. They’ve come to hear experts in their field talk about how they’ve become successful. Business owners – like you – are there to let people know why attendees should become their new clients; why their products and services are better than their competitors.

We Don’t Do SEO: Digital Content is the Future

910 West provides strategic solutions We Don’t Do SEO Yes, you’re right, the 910 West team does spend time thinking about and talking about search engine optimization (SEO). Yes, we know how to implement on-site and off-site SEO. Yes, we help our clients increase their PageRank and website traffic. But we don’t sell

How do I Create a Google Business Listing Within Another Business?

Creating, claiming, and maintaining a Google business listing is important. Business listings allow prospective customers to know your hours, location, and phone number, as well as details about the products and services you offer. But what if your business is located inside of another business? Some salons are that way, with stylists renting booths, but

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Keyword Density Doesn’t Really Matter

Keyword Density: 5 SEO Myths Explained Should you be using long-tail keywords, keyword stuffing, or link building? SEO has changed a lot over the last ten years, and if you are still using what once worked, it probably isn’t working now. During the Q&A after the recent keyword training we did, our team had some