Big Picture

Stepping back to look at the big picture is a must for clarity and success in small business development. In these articles, we cover the business of doing business; tools for knowing your customers, ways to thank your clients, and the best ways to keep momentum in your small business development.

I’m a Goal Digger, Are You?

2018-03-20T10:55:47+00:00 Big Picture|

Last year was big for me. I mean milestone birthday big. And of course, I celebrated in style—we traveled, got tattoos, and ate a lot of cake, but the thing I remember most is the present my friend Constance gave me. Looking back, I can say that on top of everything else, last year was the first year I felt truly successful in my small business. After years of relentless work, I finally smashed through several seemingly impossible barriers. For the first time ever, I made more than I had hoped, doubled monthly billings and wrote myself a decent-sized paycheck on a regular basis. I feel amazing and optimistic for this next year