How to Find Your Ideal Client

How do you find that seemingly impossible to find ideal client? It’s easier than you think.

This is how to find your ideal client. Start by identifying who they are. As you work through this process, you’ll discover where they are. Then all you have to do to find your ideal client is to show up (virtually or in the real world) at the places you’ve identified.

Start by creating an ideal client profile. I walk you through the process in my ideal client webinar including a template you can follow. Or better yet, take a shortcut, and use Hubspot’s free Make My Persona tool.

Identify who they are. Start with your existing clients or customers and make a list of your favorites and the most profitable. Who’s name is on both lists? That’s your ideal client.

Describe them in detail. To find more ideal clients, you have to be able to describe them in detail. Through the process of creating an ideal client profile, you’ll identify their biggest challenges and discover where they hang out.

Need help? Try Hubspot’s Make My Persona tool, it walks you through creating an buyer persona (ideal client profile). Hubspot makes it easy with this free tool.

Connect on their home turf. If you’ve done the work to create persona then this step is really easy. Remember those questions about the websites and blogs your customer reads? Or the questions about the groups they belong to? That’s where you’ll find your ideal client.

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