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Three Easy Ways to Say “Thank You!”

You’ve probably heard the buzz about marketing automation and for good reason. Automating communications increases your productivity and decreases response time. Despite the temptation, there’s one aspect that you simply can’t (nor should you) automate—a personal relationship. Having a personal relationship (and yes that means talking in person from time to time) can mean the

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Event Marketing Follow-up Tips

You are at a busy business expo that’s teeming with prospective clients. They’ve come to hear experts in their field talk about how they’ve become successful. Business owners – like you – are there to let people know why attendees should become their new clients; why their products and services are better than their competitors.

How do I Create a Google Business Listing Within Another Business?

Creating, claiming, and maintaining a Google business listing is important. Business listings allow prospective customers to know your hours, location, and phone number, as well as details about the products and services you offer. But what if your business is located inside of another business? Some salons are that way, with stylists renting booths, but

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Leveraging Your Localness: Why Local Marketing is Good for Small Business

Why is local marketing important? There are those who are proud about being local; they stay out of big box stores and prefer to shop at the so-called “mom and pop” stores. There are many reasons this makes good business sense: it’s better for the community and the environment, as well as to the small

Fake Online Reviews are Bad for Business

We’ve talked about the importance of managing your business reviews in our blog, Online Reputation Management Tips. Every business wants every review they receive to be positive; after all, most consumers routinely use online reviews to make decisions about where they will buy products, from whom they will receive services, and where they will go

Why Online Listings Don’t Work

We have often discussed the importance of online listings. Local online listings are the results that show up when looking for a business online using a search engine like Google, Yahoo!, or Bing. If the information listed for your business isn’t accurate, what good is your online listing doing for your business? None. If you