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As the least popular type of online marketing, email marketing is an overlooked and underused tool for small businesses. Relationships are built on good, frequent communication and email marketing is the most effective and affordable way for small businesses to communicate.

Who’s in the Driver’s Seat?

Like never before, consumers are taking control of the buying (marketing and sales) process. Gone are the days of traditional “push” communications where companies pushed product/service information through ads and bulk mail. The loudest voice no longer wins.

Online marketing puts buyers in the driver’s seat—providing access to information on a company and its products and services like never before. The modern consumer is educated and informed. To capture their business, companies need to “pull” in consumers with educational and engaging content.

Email marketing is simply the most effective way to educate and engage prospects and customers, converting to sales. The costs are minimal (especially when compared to other forms of online marketing) and provide measurable returns.

Email Marketing is What We Do

Email marketing is not only a service that we offer, but also one that we live by. It is a central part of our marketing plan. We know from first hand experience what works and have created a process that makes email marketing a breeze for our clients.

What is Email Marketing?

The possibilities with email marketing are endless, but tend to fall into two categories: autoresponder campaigns and email newsletters.

Autoresponder Campaigns

Also known as nurture or drip campaigns, autoresponders provide an ongoing “drip” of relevant information, nurturing prospects and customers. These campaigns keep you top of mind before, during and after sale, edging out your competition. Autoresponders create a continuing conversation that not only generates lasting relationships, but also establishes, educates, converts and engages.

Email Marketing Infographic

Email Newsletters

One of the first forms of online marketing and often thought of as overdone or passé, Email newsletters get a bad rap. We couldn’t disagree more. Fact is, your prospects and customers want to hear from you as long as you provide valuable, engaging and entertaining content.

Email newsletters are the perfect vehicle to repurpose content to complement and enhance your other marketing efforts. Your newsletter can: share a 5-star review posted on Yelp, excerpt the key point from a blog post, or re-tweet breaking industry news. The key is to keep it simple and relevant and you will get results.

Email Marketing the Bottom Line

Research shows that consistently sending targeted email campaigns increases brand awareness, drives additional and repeat sales, and generates valuable, warm referrals.

If email marketing is languishing on your to-do list, 910 West can help.